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About Justin™

Justin Online Business Systems is a leading technology provider of end to end, integrated Web compliance solutions that deliver accessibility, quality, privacy, and security.

Our Vision
To be the leading provider of innovative technologies that improve the quality of lives.
Our Mission
To design, develop and deploy innovative and beneficial technologies, while creating values for our stakeholders
Core Purpose
Glorify God, by serving humanity
 Would you like to see how we can help you today?

 Take a look at the many different services we offer and you will see that it pays to let us help you with your online presence today. Whatever your web design and development needs, you can get it all in one spot.


Passion leads to design, design leads to performance, performance leads to success!

– J. M. Njeru –

Our Service

We’re adept at using all the relevant technologies used in website design and content management (CMS), as well as tools that can enhance the experience of visiting the site.

Concept / Idea

We help your ideas and concepts take shape to deliver your objectives

Web design & development

Professional creative web design at affordable price.

Apps Development

 We offer full range of creative services, from design to development, multimedia, e-commerce, SEO. 

Social Media Integration

Word of Mouth Publicity is getting transferred over to Social Media.


Whether it is website design, custom coding or multimedia, we know the importance of web presence. We also do an amazing conversion job and provide amazing customer service. which is why our website designs are leading the way in the industry. Every website we create is unique, classy, and visually appealing according to our client’s requirement.


We are good at

Each completed project makes us even more hungry, hungry for more designs, more code and at least some more twinkies. As a result we deliver a better web experience.

Website Development
Mobile Apps Development
Customized Software Development
Systems Development
Logo Design
We can't stop working


We are currently accepting new projects, so if you need a user friendly, cross browser compatible and web standards compliant website that helps you to grow your business, get in touch.

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Telephone: 020 2 400062
Mobile: 0726895167
Skype: justin.njeru

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  • One incident was confirmed in Kenya of recent #ransomware attack. Stay safe by ensuring your devices doesn't open unsolicited emails/files

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  • This event organized by @ICTAuthorityKE and CitiBank on leadership & Cyber Security comes at time when we need it most.

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  • We think that it's only politicians can solve our problems. We will wake up and recognize that it's politicians who created our problems. BC

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